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 Oxford City Baby Meetings

(See also our Oxford City Toddler Meetings)

Mum holding newbornBaby Meetings enable you to receive information and support from LLL Leaders and to meet breastfeeding mothers with babies of all ages. We welcome pregnant woment and any mother who is interested in breastfeeding. There is always time for questions that fall outside the meeting's focus topic. There is always an opportunity to talk with a LLL Leader after the meeting and to borrow books. 

We hold two baby meetings a month in Oxford, which are held on a Monday in Florence Park/Cowley and repeated on a Tuesday in North Oxford.

Our East Oxford meetings are held at Flo's - The Place in the Park and run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Our North Oxford meetings are held at 21 Complins Close, North Oxford, OX2 6PZ, 01865 557405 and run from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm




Preparing for Birth & Breastfeeding

Monday, September 9th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, September 10th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

Musings on Motherhood

Monday, October 7th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, October 8th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm


Sleeping like a baby

Monday, November 4th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, November 5th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm


Challenges from 6-12 months

Monday, December 2nd - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, December 3rd - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

Title TBA

Monday, January 20th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, January 21st - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

Title TBA

Monday, February 24th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, February 25th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

Title TBA

Monday, March 16th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, March 17th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

Title TBA

Monday, April 27th - East Oxford - 10am-12pm
Tuesday, April 28th - North Oxford - 10am-12pm

For more information and directions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01865 557405.